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Welcome to POND Sources, the new industry directory for the garden pond and water feature industry. Whether you have a pond in your garden at home, or you are in the pond trade, this directory is provided for you. It is our mission to deliver a comprehensive resource to help you find the products and services you need.

As you browse through our listings, you will see some are still rather limited in the information provided. Watch for this to change rapidly, as these businesses update their listings with more information. If you come across a listing that you feel is incorrect, please click on the "Report Listing" Link on the Listing's page, and tell us about it.

POND Sources is here to help the ponding hobby and business community grow and enjoy ponding. If there is anything we can do for you please let us know.

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  • Filters, Pre-Filters, Skimmers, Media
    Every pond requires a filter system of some kind, particularly if there are fish in the pond. Koi ponds require more intense filtration, than water garden style ponds. Filter Systems of all types, Pre-Filters, Skimmers, and filter media, pressurized filters, gravity flow filter systems included.
    Gravity Flow  (10) , Pressurized  (8) , In Pond  (1) , Pre-Filters  (0) , Skimmers  (1) more...
  • Pumps
    Pumps  (28)
    A healthy pond almost always requires some kind of pump to move and aerate the water. The more fish that inhabit the pond the more critical aeration, and filteration, powered by a pump becomes. There are a wide variety of pumps on the market for ponds these days, for pumping both water and air.
    Air Pumps  (6) , Water Pumps  (16)
  • Water Treatments
    Everything you need to manage water quality in your pond. Control algae, clear cloudy water, charge your bio-filter and more with water treatments found here.
  • Fish
    Fish  (99)
    Koi and goldfish are the most common fish found in garden ponds. Find breeders, dealers and importers here.
    Koi  (69) , Goldfish  (5) , Other fish  (7)
  • Aquatic Plants
    Aquatic plants are found at hundreds of water garden specialty shops and aquatic nurseries across the US. Find the leading companies in the US here.
  • Liner, Tubs, Tanks
    Pond Liner , whether EPDM Liner, PVC or one of the other technologies, is the most common product used for pond construction. Find liner manufacturers here. Also included are plastic tubs and tanks, specialty tanks, show tanks and numerous other plastic products are found here.
  • Tools, Accessories
    There are hundreds of accessories commonly used in pond management. Find alge control tools, aerators, pond nets, fish nets, test kits, sealants, valves, tubing, vaccums, heaters, pest deterants, lighting, bottom drains, fish feeders, water levelers and much more.
    Algae Control  (0) , Aeration  (4) , Nets  (2) , Test Kits  (4) , Plumbing Supplies  (3) more...
  • Fish Food
    Fish Food  (18)
    Feeding your koi and goldfish high quality food gives them the complete diet they need to resist disease, grow and thrive.
    Koi Food  (11) , Goldfish, Pond Fish  (1)
  • Fountains, Statuary
    Fountains provide the beauty of moving water, as well as the sounds of splashing to any environment. Fountain jets spray water into the air, and fountains can be made from glazed pottery, stone, metal, elegantly molded plastics or numerous other materials.
    Statuary adds a sense of drama, elegance, or humor to the garden. Varieties include stone statuary, concrete statuary, and other materials.
    Fountains  (4) , Statuary  (3) , Rock, Stone  (1) , Ceramic Pots  (1)
  • Novelties
    Novelties  (6)
    Find garden art, pond gadgets, artsy clothing housewares and more.
    Domes  (0) , Hiding Spots  (0) , Artwork  (0)
  • Pond Kits
    Pond Kits  (15)
    Pond kits make building a new pond a snap. Pond Kits typically include all the components a pond builder will need to complete a pond project.
  • Rain Water Capture
    Saving water has become a popular activity in recent years, but the concept is as old as recorded history. New technologies have re-vitalized this technology with a wide variety of products now on the market.

    Find rain barrels, water tanks, eco blocks, screens and filter systems, and more.
  • Aquaponics
    Aquaponics  (22)
    Combining the best of Aquaculture and Hydroponics technologies
  • Veterinarians
    Veterinarians  (36)
    These Veterinarians specialize in koi health, a rare skill. If your fish have health or disease problems, your best bet is to contact a skilled vet for assistance.
  • Resources
    Resources  (43)
    Find additional information from books, magazines, web sites, classes, clubs and associations here.
    Books  (0) , Magazines  (3) , Pamphlets  (0) , Guides  (1) , Business Tools and Software  (1) more...
  • Pond Stores
    Pond Stores  (213)
    Retail Koi, water garden, and pond supply outlets
  • Pond Services, Construction
    Need a pond built, repaired or maintained? Looking for consulting on pond issues? Finding a contractor to build your pond takes research. Start here to find a professional in your area. Service companies are listed here as well.
  • Distributors
    Distributors  (44)
    Wholesale Distributors provide a vital link between manufacturers and retailers. Distributors carry products from a wide variety of manufacturers, so a dealer can place a single call to order all their their pond supplies.
    Factory Reps  (3)

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